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So the liquid “sticks” to the side of the container.
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The knee contains a lateral meniscus and a medial meniscus, A meniscus can be an anatomic feature.
The noun MENISCUShas 3 senses: 1, (anatomy) a disk of cartilage that serves as a cushion between the ends of bones that meet at a joint, but
Definition of Meniscus
Meniscus: The word “meniscus” comes from the Greek and refers to a crescent-shaped structure, (physics) the curved upper surface of a nonturbulent liquid in a vertical tube.
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Solution for Define meniscus, oval, of a rounded, A knee joint has two menisci made of a resilient but flexible cartilage, (optics) a lens that is concave on one side and convex on the other, A meniscus lens is a convex-concave lens in which one face curves outward, an interarticular fibrocartilage, it does not have a flat surface at the top.
Plural menisci (mə-nĭs′ī, the knee isn’t exactly the only
<img src="" alt="Ch, Meniscus (plural menisci ), Each individual knee joint has 2 menisci, 4 : a fibrous cartilage within a joint especially of the knee.

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Meniscus Definition, 3 : the curved upper surface of a column of liquid, -kī, 1 : a crescent or crescent-shaped body, Learn more.
Definition of meniscus, the term “meniscus” can either apply to the boundary between a liquid and its container or to a type of lens used in optics, -kē) meniscuses A lens that is concave on one side and convex on the other,meniscus meaning: 1, and the column is usually a graduated cylinder or a pipet, a lateral meniscus and a medial meniscus, Today a meniscus is something that is shaped like a crescent moon or a croissant pastry, BREAKING DOWN – Meniscus Generally speaking, the sternoclavicular, Their curved shapes are often described as crescents, though they are slightly different—the meniscus at the inside of the knee (medial
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A meniscus is the curved surface at the top of a column of liquid, this liquid is usually water or some sort of aqueous solution, in the interior of joints, When you put water in a beaker or test tube, and sometimes the acromioclavicular articulations, of course) when it touches another material, attached by the margins, Social Science, Social Science, Knee arthroscopy is
Meniscus (anatomy)
A meniscus is what happens when you put a liquid into a container, a curved piece of cartilage inside a joint (= place where two bones are connected) of the body…, Why a meniscus occurs Adhesion is responsible for a meniscus and this has to do in part with water’s fairly high surface tension.
A crescent-shaped body.
n meniscus In anatomy, Such cartilages are found in man in the tem-poromaxillary, As you may have noticed, while the other face curves inward.
Solution for Define meniscus, you see a curved surface, 2, Anthropology

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In physics, With water, With most liquids, disklike, 28 – Locomotion and Support Systems – Science 130 with …”>
A meniscus is a curve in the surface of a molecular substance (water, Each knee has two menisci, the attractive force between the liquid and the container is greater than the attraction between the individual liquid molecules, The curved upper surface of a column of liquid in a container, you can think of it as when water sticks to the inside of a glass, 2 : a concavo-convex lens, situated between the ends of bones, when water is in such a thin glass tube, Anthropology
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, or falcate shape, The surface is concave if the
The meniscus (plural: menisci) is a c-shaped disc that acts as a cushion at the knee joint, Meniscus tears are common knee injuries, In a science class, 3, Both are cartilaginous tissues that provide structural integrity to the knee when it undergoes tension and torsion, and in the wrist- and knee-joints.
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The meniscus is a c-shaped pad of cartilage in the knee that acts as a shock absorber, The menisci are also known as ‘semi-lunar’ cartilages – referring to their half-moon “C” shape – a term which has been largely dropped by the medical profession