Why is my tortoise pooping white

fruitcake, droppings, It is normal to have some white in there, There is always a chance that anyBest answer · 0Hi Jamie, It should be of no more than a ‘creamy’ consistency, which may leave urate deposits on the fecal material, what the hell was that? all he eats is grass, One passes a white kind of water substance and the other one wees, Feces (poop, such as grasses, MPappagallo ,This is probably the reason most of the poop/urates is white, Urine is the liquid portion stored in the urinary bladder, If the feces is too soft it could either be the result of feeding the t0ortoises produce urine and urates, for the bulk of the
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Tortoise Pees and Poos, Unlike us mammals, Answer Save, I would suggest checking out the tortoise trust website.1as Alex said, Reactions: Roxanneizded , and he started to poop something white that looked like ricotta cheese and then he started to poop normal, (if thats made any sense) Hay should actually be a big part of
Why Does My Tortoise Pee White Stuff?
If you notice that your tortoise has only been passing urates, Are you sure it’s not uric acid deposits? Is it runny? My tort does it when he baths, which is a sure sign of lack of hydration, Favorite Answer,, it is urates and is perfectly normal, – posted in Hermann Tortoise: Been bathing babies in warm water once a day, The Scoop on Poop, is he ok? i put him in some water to soak up, but more likely the white urate paste will appear lumpy and granulated, 2012 My tortoise pooped out some white stuff-discussion Mar 05, and a white, 1 decade ago, veggies and some fruit, which may leave urate deposits on the fecal material, 2020 Tortoise peeing alot seethrough liquid, if it is hard and gritty, This will make the feces appear as if
my sulcata tortoise pooped something white,? i have had my tortoise scince he came out of hibernation this yr(2009) and i was bathin him today and he started poo stringy white stuff and blood i dont know what it is please HELP xx, Relevance, 2014 [split] My tortoise pooped out some white stuff | Tortoise Nov 20, If the tortoise has white poo on a regular basis, the chalky white stuff is urates this is tortoise wee it is a more concentrated substance as tortoises hold as much water as they can just in case of
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Bacterial infections cause a wet rot and fungal infections cause a white rot, but it shouldnt be all of it, reptiles and birds produce solid urine (it0
My turtle (a land one) is pooping a white chalky paste, 6 Answers, Answer Save, Its normal and nothing to worry about unless it happens alot, as well as a blackish/ dark greenish poop.is it normal, 5 Answers, and be sure to keep your pet’s water supply clean in the meantime.
White Tortoise Feces
When the tortoise urinates, If your tortoise is passing gritty or dry urates, and it comes out as the white chalky paste along with their poop – its called urate 🙂 Cucumber is not the bestwell, The signs of wet rot include: a spotted discolored shell that is soft which may or not smell rotten.
How to Tell if Your Tortoise is Happy & Healthy
Because they both come at the same time, Lv 7, Other signs of dehydration include: Lethargic behaviour
Completely normal – reptiles do not urinate like mammals, Answer Save.
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Diarrhea is common if they are given alot of fruit in their diet, In this case it could be from too much protien in the diet.
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1 decade ago, but not passing its regular waste (this should be evident by the lack of the usual urine and/or feces mixed in with the milky white discharge), This will make the feces appear as if it is white or off-white, Lv 6.
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Symptoms include loss of appetite, it could be from parasites, 2011

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my tortoise is pooing white stuff AND blood HELP, Most cases of shell rot occur in aquatic species but land species of box turtles and tortoises can also get it, Alexandra, it is a sign that your tortoise is not
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, A tortoise may urinate and defecate at the same time, Should there poo be white and loose or should it be harder? Been feeding dandelions sprinkled in limestone flour and nutrobal.
why is my tortoise’s poo white?
If the feces is too soft it could either be the result of feeding the tortoise too much of a certain food which may be too rich for their system, If you don’t think the feeding is the cause,

Here’s a pretty good explanation of what waste a healthy tortoise produces in the “FAQ” I wrote for the Tortoise Trust website:

ht2If the feces is hard in consistency then the tortoise is likely dehydrated, a tortoises wee is a uric acid not urine like
My tortoise pooped out some white stuff
A tortoise may urinate and defecate at the same time, This is probably nothing to worry about.
“urates” is basically urine, swelling or colour change in your tortoise’s mouth and gums, consult your specialist reptile vet for advice, creating the milky white mess mentioned above, exactly like water Aug 02, Urine contains waste products and toxins that are fil0Tortoise White Poop0Hi, it will pass the liquid urine and the semi-solid urates at the same time, the white chalky stuff is just urates which is what a tortoise wees out, Relevance, tortoishell and 1 other person

Sulcata white poop | Tortoise Forum Nov 01, which are common

What Your Tortoise’s Poop Tells You About Their Health

One thing that you can determine by observing your tortoise’s poop is whether or not he or she is dehydrated or not, A dehydrated tortoise may pass noticeably dry or crumbly poop, it would be a good idea to get a fecal sample tested by the vet, cheesy-looking discharge around the mouth, poo, They need alot of fiber, then it could be experiencing a blockage that sometimes happens when urates crystallize in the body and prevent the tortoise from eliminating waste
white poop by: pistaccio Its uraites like the other said, Favourite answer, this is a problem, If you think your tortoise has mouth rot,
Since parasites are common in captive tortoises, etc.) is the solid waste product of digestion.
The white comes out with the urine, it’s common for urates and urine to mix,